Madhava Nidana Chapter 48 Shuka Dosha Nidanam

Madhava Nidana Chapter 48 Shuka Dosha Nidanam
Apr 2023

Nidana - Etiological factors

Foolish people who try to increase the size of their penis by unnatural methods (by application of paste of poisonous insects and other materials to the penis) become afflicted with eighteen kinds of diseases (of penis), caused by shukas (poisonous worms and other substances). These diseases are called as suka dosa or suka janya vyadhi. (1)
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Sarsapa means mustard. In Sarsapika, vesicles the size of white mustard appear on the penis. This happens due to indiscriminate application of pastes (as mentioned above in the etiological factors). Such pastes cause aggravation of kapha and vata and cause Sarsapika. (12)


Application of bad and unsuitable suka on the penis indiscriminately leads to abnormal increase of vata. This produces asthilika which is hard and irregular in shape.
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The eruptions / vesicles which are caused by aggravated vata and appear like nodules (cysts) filled with sukas are called as Gratita Suka Dosha. (3)


Kumbhika is produced by abnormally increased rakta (blood) and pitta. It resembles the seeds of jambu fruit (Eugenia jambolina) and is black in colour.


According to Ayurveda experts Alaji Suka Dosa is a condition which resembles a disease of the same name which has been described earlier in the context of prameha pidaka - diabetic carbuncles. (One of the types of prameha pidaka is also named as Alaji. The alaji explained here will have the similar causative factors and symptoms like that of the alaji prameha pidaka). (4)
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Mrudita & Sammudha Pidaka

Mrdita is a swelling of the penis. It is caused by the aggravation of vata caused by rubbing of the penis after application of suka.
Sammudha pidaka is appearance of papules by rubbing the penis briskly after the application of suka. (This should also be considered as caused by aggravated vata). (5)

In ancient times some kinds of molluscs, shrimps, crabs were made into a paste along with some herbs and applied over the penis to make it big and strong. Many of them were poisonous and so caused sepsis. (This is an extra explanation which was not found in this context. Think of retaining it or removing it. It was not added by me.)


In Adhimanta, multiple vesicles which are long are manifested. These vesicles burst open at their center and are accompanied with pain and horripilation. This condition is caused by increased kapha and rakta (blood). (6)
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Vesicles caused by increased pitta and rakta, many in number and resembling the sprouts of a lotus flower is known as Puskarika.(7)


Sparsahani is a condition caused by rakta infected by suka poison. This infected blood causes loss of (tactile) sensation or sense of touch in the penis.


Uttama is the name of the disease in which papules of the size of green gram or black gram appear on the penis. They are red in colour and are caused by vitiated rakta (blood) and pitta. This is caused by repeated application of suka - poisonous paste over the penis. (8)


The disease in which the penis is studded (enveloped) by many small openings (holes) all around and is caused by vitiated vata and rakta (blood) is called as Sataponaka. (9)


Vata and pitta which are abnormally increased cause ulceration (suppuration) of the skin of the penis, accompanied by fever and burning sensation. This condition is called as Tvakpaka. (10)


The condition in which black coloured vesicles / blisters or reddish coloured eruptions (papules) appear all over the penis, associated with severe pain is called as Sonitarbuda. (11)
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Mamsarbuda, Mamsapaka and Vidradhi

Mamsarbuda should be recognised by involvement of muscle tissue. The muscles are contaminated due to the application of suka poisons leading to the manifestation of this condition.
Mamaspaka is a condition in which the fleshy part of the penis falls off. A wise physician should consider this condition as caused by the vitiation of all the three doshas. As a result, mamsapaka is accompanied by severe kinds of pains caused by all three doshas.
Vidradhi is another condition caused by vitiation of all the three doshas. The signs and symptoms resemble those of sannipataja vidradhi described earlier and presents with different kinds of colours, pains and discharges. (12-13)
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When the paste of the highly poisonous insects which are of black colour or of many colours is applied over the penis, it causes quick suppuration of the penis and the entire penis would get detached and fall off without any residue. The muscular part of the penis becomes black in colour and these parts would fall off. This condition is known as Tilakalaka and is caused due to the abnormal increase of all the three doshas together. (It is called as tilakalaka also due to the appearance of warts resembling the black moles of the skin). (14-15)


Symptoms of incurability of suka dosha
Among the above suka dosha diseases, mamsarbuda, mamsapaka, vidradhi and tilakalaka do not respond to treatment i.e. they are incurable. (16)
Thus ends the chapter on Sukadosa,

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