Madhava Nidana Chapter 34 Meda Roga Nidanam

Madhava Nidana Chapter 34 Meda Roga Nidanam
Apr 2023

This article explains Madava nidana 34th chapter "Meda Roga Nidanam". Causes, pathology and symptoms of Meda Roga are explained in this chapter. Medoroga refers to obesity and disorders related to lipid metabolism.
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Medo Roga Nidana, Samprapti

Etiological Factors and pathogenesis of Medo Roga
Below mentioned are the important causative factors of medo roga

not doing exercises (absence of physical activities, sedentary life)excessive sleeping during daytimeexcessive intake of foods which cause aggravation of kapha
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Pathogenesis of Medoroga - Due to the above said etiological factors the end product of digestion becomes abnormally sweet and unctuous. This causes an increase of fat. This abnormally increased fat causes obstruction of the nutrient channels of the body. This would supply less or no nutrients to the other tissues of the body. The tissues are not nourished due to the deprivation of nutrition. This further leads to accumulation of only fat tissue in large quantities in the body. This makes the person incapable of doing all activities.
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Definition of Atisthula

A person is said to be very obese when his buttocks, abdomen and breasts begin to show movement (they sag and are pendulous during activity) due to abnormal increase and accumulation of fat and muscles, and when his muscle mass (body built) and enthusiasm are found to be disproportionate. (9)
Thus ends the chapter on Medaroga Nidanam in Madhava Nidana text written by Acharya Madhavakara.

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