234 | Imagining a World With More Ayurveda

234 | Imagining a World With More Ayurveda

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Join Angela in this solo episode: Imagining a world with more Ayurveda. Learn more about the ways Ayurveda could be infused into all aspects of life.


What if education was based on excitement and curiosity??? What if health care was based on true well-being? ??What if every person in our society felt inner stability and freedom? ??What if your daily life inspired everyone around you???

Are you ready to hep build the new paradigm? Is Ayurveda calling to you??? Gain a sense of inner stability and freedom through the ancient science of Ayurveda while gaining the tools to support others. The Simple Ayurveda health counselor program starts in September. Registration is open until June 1st. Apply today!

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